100% Nilgiris

The finest naturally organic leaf
plucked by delicate hands

100% Artisanal

In the studio
handled with respect and tenderness

100% Unique

Teas which are CRAFTED
Teas which exude character.

Our Teas

A Perfect Gift

For a Tea Lover

The Tea Studio Story

Tea Studio is a greenfield project located in the heart of the Nilgiris. We produce only plantation-fresh whole leaf teas. No dust. No grading. No sorting.
We are committed to the welfare of our employees, focusing on women empowerment and sustainable green practices.

Our Journey from Leaf to Lip

Our leaf

Our leaf comes from marginal tribal farmers who tend their tiny land holdings using no chemicals or pesticides. We harvest only the very finest, naturally organic ‘one leaf and a bud’, which is delivered fresh to our factory early every morning.


Our Journey from Leaf to Lip

Our Process

Our machinery is revolutionary in design and functionality, mechanically replicating centuries-old Chinese hand-processing techniques. We are the only tea manufacturing facility in the country using LPG as the heat source. No coal, no firewood. 100% non-polluting and environmentally friendly.


Our Journey from Leaf to Lip

Our Teas

Our teas are crafted with passion.  A unique range of naturally organic, limited edition white, green, black and oolong style teas. Each tea is an exceptional experience.



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